Rowing propulsion

Front-and-center propulsion on push and pull.

Adjustable seat

Three positions easily accessed with a plunger pin.

Bicycle-style steering

Intuitive design providing tremendous handling and support.

Foot boards

Easily accessible, non-slip, and room to adjust.

Luggage rack

Room for two bags. Optimally located for traction and safety.

On the flat.

Ultra maneuverable. Great stability. Speeds up to 5 mph.

On the incline.

Gearing to help you climb and an anti-roll back transmission.

On the turns.

Small footprint. Turns in its own radius. Turn the handlebars and row to shunt and spin.

1. Enclosed powertrain
What's under the hood? Steering, propulsion, gearing, and braking are all discreetly enclosed.
2. Turntable steering
Turn the handlebars to steer with a full 360º degrees of freedom.
3. Lift handle
Ideally located. Used in combination with the seat post tube RoScooter's chassis is easy to lift.
4. 12-inch rear wheels
Provide a comfortable ride. Quick-release hubs.
5. Anti-tip wheels
Included. Front and back. Safety first.
6. Grip shift
Located on the handlebar. Just twist to change between gears while stationary or under load.
7. Adjustable swivel seat.
Adjustable in height. Swivel to the right or left. And removable.
8. Luggage rack
Room for two bags. Optimally located for traction and safety.

Park Mode

Drive Mode

Adjustable seat

Three choices in height. Choose what works for you.

Powertrain drive-shaft

Integrated powertrain. Delivers power from propulsion lever to front wheel.

Comfortable seat

Over sized seat. Back with lumbar support. Breathable fabric.

Anti-slip foot boards

Safe, large, and unobstructed. Getting in and out is easy.

Enclosed powertrain

Push-pull propulsion. 8-speed gearing. 360º steering. Hub braking.

Row to go. Brake with a lever.

To propel RoScooter push forward and pull back in a rowing motion on the font-and-center mounted handlebar. To steer just turn the handlebar the direction you wish to go. To brake just pull back on the brake lever.

It’s all ergonomic, simple and intuitive.


RoChair is designed with your safety in mind. Key features include.

Simple steering.

Just turn the handlebars to steer. To reverse just keep going. The powertrain turns with 360º of freedom. You're in complete control.