Rowing propulsion

Front-and-center propulsion on push and pull.

Bicycle-style steering

Intuitive design providing tremendous handling and support.

Luggage rack

Room for two bags. Optimally located for traction and safety.

On the flat.

Ultra maneuverable. Great stability. Speeds up to 5 mph.

On the incline.

Gearing to help you climb and an anti-roll back transmission.

On the turns.

Small footprint. Turns in its own radius. Turn the handlebars and row to shunt and spin.

1. Steering
Bicycle style, forward/reverse, turning radius 30”.
2. CLD (Central Lever Drive)

Push/Pull rowing propulsion lever, telescoping 19”-27”, 50 lbs. max input force.
3. 8-gears
Handlebar twist
grip shifter, speedy
on the flat and easy
hill/ramp climbing.
4. Hub brake
Locking lever for
transfers, anti “roll back”
on hills.
5. Construction
Aluminum 6061-T6 tubular frame, anodized finish. Kydex deck (Red or Blue).
6. Wheels
12” front and quick release rear wheels, pneumatic tires, 3” anti-tip wheels.
7. Cargo capacity
Under seat (space for two grocery bags), security fence.
8. Cushioned seat
Height adjustable 21” - 25” (from ground) in 1” increment
9. Arm Rests
Lateral stability, lightweight (not rated for transfers),lift up.