Rowing propulsion

Front-and-center propulsion on push and pull.

Hub brake

Low maintenance internal hub braking.

Bicycle-style steering

Intuitive design providing tremendous handling and support.

Luggage compartment

So useful. So convenient. Save loading up your lap.

Anti-tip wheels

Integrated, adjustable, and included.

On the flat.

Ultra maneuverable. Great stability. Speeds up to 5 mph.

On the incline.

Gearing to help you climb and an anti-roll back transmission.

On the turns.

Small footprint. Turns in its own radius. Push-rims for shunts and spins.

1. 20-inch front wheels
Provide a comfortable ride. Quick-release hubs.
2. Cable steering
Integrated halo on propulsion lever. Direct connect to rear fork crown. Super responsive.
3. Front anti-tip wheel
Integrated. Protects the chair when traversing curbs.
4. 12-inch rear wheel
Provides a comfortable ride. Integrated brake. Quick-release hub.
5. Rear anti-tip wheels
Integrated, adjustable, and included.
6. Front fenders
Integrated in the chassis. Front fenders protect your pants or dress from getting caught in the wheels.
7. Armrests
Quick-release swing up armrests for easy transfer. Used to adjust seat back. Retract and stow for transport.
8. Adjustable seat
Super comfortable seat offering seat back adjustment. Seat can be folded down and removed for transport.

Park Mode

Drive Mode

Front differential

Power is applied to the front wheel with the greatest traction. Wheels rotate independently when cornering.


Integrated powertrain. Delivers power on push and pull from propulsion lever to both front wheels.

Internal hub brake

Low maintenance braking at the rear wheel.

Chassis design

Lightweight sheetmetal design integrates front fenders, foot-bed, luggage compartment and powertrain.

Steering halo

Integrated into propulsion lever. Connects steering linkage to rear fork crown.

Row to go. Pull to brake.

To propel RoChair push forward and pull back in a rowing motion on the font-and-center mounted handlebar. To steer just turn the handlebar the direction you wish to go. To brake just pull back all the way on the handlebar.

It’s all ergonomic, simple and intuitive.


RoChair is designed with your safety in mind. Key features include.

Built-in adjustment.

Finding the right fit is so important. RoChair can be adjusted to your optimum riding geometry. Built-in adjustments include:

  1. 1. Propulsion lever length
  2. 2. Seat back angle
  3. 3. Anti-tip wheels
  4. 4. Built-in mounts for Bodypoint® seating systems

Accessory ready.

RoChair has integrated mounts for custom accessories and seating aides.

Attaching a bag to the back of your seat is simple. We're happy to recommend, and even order for you from a few brands we really like.

We will soon be offering some great new accessories. Stay tuned.